Our belief is a healthy planet, our mission is a healthy home. A healthy planet starts with a healthy home. Over the years we’ve discovered different methods to make your home renovation more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Starting with the initial phase, the design.

We design your home based on the geographic location of it, where each room is facing, and how temperature plays on your property. After the design is set and done we begin with the recycling; First phase- the demo. Construction is known to be the biggest contributor to landfill waste.

At HighTouch Remodeling we pride ourselves on taking the time to separate the  debris and send it to the appropriate recycling facilities.

Up next, the bones of the house.  We implement temperature control techniques developed over the years by using the best insulation the walls, ceilings, and floor can handle, or using radiant barrier plywood for your roof, providing energy efficient windows, and making sure your home is at its peak temperature control state so you don’t have to waste energy heating or cooling your house

Finishes should always be considered when talking about environmentally friendly and sustainability. We use ultra low VOC paint, California Plumbing Code water fixtures, LED lights with dimmers, environmentally sourced wood flooring, etc.

We try to shop local whenever we can, and we encourage our vendors to use less packaging materials (without risk to the product) in order to do our part and not over use.

We provide our clients with home sustainability and comfort packages, ranging from solar panels, home batteries, EV charging stations, rain barrels, synthetic grass, Recycled decking materials such as Trex or Timbertech, California friendly hardscaping solutions, smart home systems, and much much more.

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